Int’l lawyer elaborates on Iran’s rationale for leaving NPT

IRNA – A prominent law expert from Geneva’s Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies has elaborated on the justifications based on which Iran may leave NPT.

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani earlier said on Tuesday that withdrawing from NPT has been predicted in the treaty and the Islamic Republic of Iran will withdraw from the treaty if the other side scraps the nuclear deal.

When international agreements will be impractical due to illegal acts of some countries, there will be no reason to remain committed to such international pledges by other countries, he said.

In NPT, member-countries are authorized to withdraw from the treaty in case their interests are threatened, he added.

Reza Nasri in a Tuesday’s tweet revealed all details regarding Iran withdrawal from NPT as follows:

1- Senior Iranian officials have warned about the possibility of Iran leaving the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if Trump kills the JCPOA in May.

2- This warning should be taken seriously. Those in the US who downplay it as a bluff are not paying close attention to the domestic dynamics within Iran or the frustration that Trump’s unwarranted position has caused in Tehran.

3 – As [Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad] Zarif has pointed out in NY, there is a consensus in Tehran – among all political factions – that the reaction to a US withdrawal from #JCPOA should be unpleasant. He really means it.

4 – Iran will not pursue nuclear weapons as per the Supreme Leader’s religious decree even after eventually leaving NPT. So this ‘warning’ is not about Iran threatening to dash for a bomb as some media have inaccurately reported: the US Editor of The Times of London Rhys Blakely

5- The warning is about many influential forces in Iran being hell bent to make the United States pay the costs and bear the responsibilities of weaknening or even dissolving the non-proliferation regime.

6- With the prospects of diplomacy dying down – namely with the appointment of John Bolton [National Security Advisor of the United States] and Mike Pompeo [US Secretary of State] in two senior FP positions – this Iran Exit option has gained a lot of steem even among moderate decision-makers.

7- Many in Tehran argue that with the collapse of the NPT regime, the United States would be compelled to deal with a plethora of states that will move toward pursuing a nuclear weapon, effectively uncaging Iran from this cumbersome ‘exceptional status’.

8- Furthermore, they argue that unlike countries that have not ratified the NPT (e.g. Israel), Iran has endured the costs and limitations associated with being a party to the Treaty without enjoying its benefits.

9- With the Trump administration, they argue, sticking to the rules is like ‘playing chess with a Gorilla’. So they’re determined to ‘impose’ a new dynamic.