IT, Telecoms exhibition opens on Iran’s Kish Island

IFP – A major communications and information technology exhibition has kicked off on Kish Island in southern Iran on Monday, April 23. 

The latest technological advances and products have been displayed at the event.

The exhibit features seminars, conferences, specialized workshops, computer game contests, launching startups, marketing techniques and demonstrations by startups, reports the Persian-language Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA).

In addition to displaying the latest technologies in the field of communications and IT, the exhibit aims to contribute to the cycle of science and technology, commercialize products, help exhibitors enter world markets in order to produce wealth and set the stage for launching Web-based businesses using state-of-the-art technologies, and lend support to startups.

Also present at the event is the Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI), a major Iranian telecoms service provider and a sponsor of the exhibition.

The MCI has put on show it latest developments and achievements in different fields, including altering energy (water, electricity, natural gas) networks to be smart, smart management of the transportation system, the “smart city,” an organizational data umbrella, exclusive and shared data packages, a safe mobile phone network, and sales systems.

The exhibition will run until September 26, 2018.