Iran ready to resume nuclear program: Deputy FM

IRNA – The Iranian deputy foreign minister warned against sabotaging the nuclear deal reached between Iran and world powers in 2015 and said that Islamic Republic is ready to resume its peaceful nuclear activities.

The Iran nuclear deal is based on two pillars; Iran’s commitment to its obligations and removal of its sanctions imposed on the country; if the US withdraws from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), one of the pillars of the nuclear deal will collapse and as a result the whole nuclear deal could also be dismantled, Abbas Araqchi said in an interview with the Oslo-based Aftenposten newspaper.

The Iranian top negotiator criticized the European sides of the nuclear deal including Germany, France and the UK for their silence on the US President Donald Trump’s threatening rhetoric about violation of the deal.

The Iranian officials are ready to resume anything that has been stopped according to the nuclear deal, he added.

IAEA has for many times confirmed the peaceful nature of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

US President Donald Trump, who has called the JCPOA the ‘worst deal in history’, has said he will scrap the nuclear deal unless ‘a better option’ is presented to him in May, the deadline he set for extending anti-Iran sanctions waiver.