Majlis speaker: Iran helps Syria fight terrorism

IRNA – Tehran along with Moscow has helped the Syrian government counter terrorism, Iranian Majlis (Parliament) speaker said on Tuesday.

Recent [US] bombardment of Syria was aimed at giving terrorists another chance, Ali Larijani said in a meeting in Hanoi with Secretary-General of Vietnam Communist Party Nguyen Phú Trong.

Larijani, who arrived in the Vietnamese capital early on Monday, said the Syrian crisis needs political solution not bombardment.

Larijani added Iran respects the Vietnamese nation and appreciates their role in fighting against colonialism and achieving independence.

About bilateral cooperation, the Majlis speaker said Tehran and Hanoi have good political ties, stressing the two sides’ parliaments should make efforts to promote economic relations as well.

Tehran is ready to pave the way for Vietnam to invest in the Iranian oil and gas fields, the top parliamentarian said.

For his part, the Vietnamese official appreciated Iran for its support for independence and reform in his southeast Asian country.

Vietnam follows policies on being self-restraint and establishing relations with other states, he said, adding his country is ready to cooperate with Iran in the area of investment in oil, science, technology, defense and agriculture.

Phú Trong also called for endeavors to implement mutual agreements.

He further said the two countries should support each others in the international communities.

About the recent developments in Syria, the Vietnamese official said his country is against use of violence and arms and believes that the conflicts and disputes should be resolved thorough international regulations based on the United Nations Charter.

The US together with its allies, the UK and France targeted the Syrian capital city of Damascus early Saturday. The attack was widely condemned by the world as an act of invasion against a sovereign country.