Jahromi seemingly against blocking Telegram

Financial Tribune- Telecoms Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi took to Instagram to give ear to the growing concerns of the public regarding the proposed ban on Telegram, the popular communications app with over 40 million Iranian users.

Jahromi wrote on his Instagram page on Saturday night that the blocking of international services as a method to encourage the use of homegrown apps could have an adverse effect.

He added that “the Telecoms Ministry does not hold authority over blocking services, but is obligated to execute the directives by relevant committees and councils and orders issued by the judiciary.”

The minister is of the opinion that measures need to be taken to ensure the privacy of users’ data and privacy and that the law should be amended to prevent the prosecution of internet activists.

Jahromi pointed to the fact that many countries regulate the rising new technologies and said until officials neglect to formulate policies in regard to the new media, the current polarized atmosphere is sure to persist.

“Adult and profane content is limited and banned in other countries as well. Our country has also enacted laws on certain content that are being complied with.”

Speculations over the blocking of Telegram have given rise to a sweeping wrangle, and the country awaits a decision by authorities in the coming weeks.