IRGC arises from, relies on Iranian people: Commander

Tasnim – The existence of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps depends on popular support, as it comes from people and is at the Iranians’ service, IRGC commander said.

“The IRGC’s ability to play a role relies on the people. The IRGC is a revolutionary and popular organization (that works) with people for the people,” Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said in comments at a ceremony in Tehran on Monday.

Pointing to high expectations from the IRGC and Basij (volunteer) forces, the commander said members of Basij have played a significant role in addressing social crises in the country.

The general further referred to hostile schemes to stir discontent in Iran, saying that the mighty Islamic Revolution has managed to thwart those and other plots hatched by enemies.

The IRGC was established after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran to defend the country against foreign threats and to safeguard the values and accomplishments of the revolution.

According to Article 150 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, “The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, organized in the early days of the triumph of the Revolution (1979), is to be maintained so that it may continue in its role of guarding the Revolution and its achievements. The scope of the duties of this Corps, and its areas of responsibility, in relation to the duties and areas of responsibility of the other Armed Forces, are to be determined by law with an emphasis on brotherly cooperation and harmony among them.”