West’s missiles won’t shake Resistance resolve to protect Syria

MNA – Iran’s Defense Min. Hatami stressed that the West’s airstrikes will not cripple the resolve of Resistance Front and Syrian government to restore peace and stability to the Arab country.  

Brigadier General Amir Hatami made the remarks in a telephone conversation with his Syrian counterpart, General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, on Saturday.

Hatami deemed the recent attack by US, France and Britain against Syria a violation of international law and human principles, adding “terrorist sponsors such as certain Western and regional governments carry out such criminal and flagrant attacks every time their plots are foiled on the ground.”

The Iranian minister called the United States, Britain and France ‘axis of evil’ whose missiles were constantly targeting innocent civilians in Yemen by the Saudi regime.

“We have no doubt that such acts of crime will bring them nothing but shame,” Hatami noted, adding that the governments of US, Britain and France must also be held accountable for the crimes committed in Yemen by the Saudi regime, as well as for their support to the occupying regime of Israel.

Hatami also commended the Syrian Army for having shot down just shy of 70% of the Western cruise missiles launched. He further congratulated the Syrian Army and nation on the recent liberation of Eastern Ghouta and the restoration of security to this region.

Hatami went on to stress Iran’s commitment to protecting the Syrian nation and government against terrorists and any other aggressors.

For his part, the Minister of Defense of the Syrian Arab Army thanked his Iranian counterpart for condemning such a blatant crime carried out by the three Western countries, adding “the relations between Iran and Syria are in fact an emphasis on the solidarity and unshakable alliance between the two sides in combating terrorists and their allies.”

“The repeat of such crimes will have no effect on our resolve to eradicate terrorism [in our country],” he added.

General Ayyoub further invited the Iranian minister of defense to visit Syria and see the progress and advances achieved by the Syrian Army.