Iran non-oil exports rise to $47bn

IRNA – Iran’s non-oil exports in the last Iranian year of 1396 ending on March 20, 2018 reached 47 billion dollars, registering a 6.56 percent increase compared to the previous year.

According to a report released by the Customs Administration, the value of non-oil commodities exported by Iran in the 12-month period to March 20, 2018 stood at 46.931 billion dollars while the figure was 44.42 billion dollars in the year before.

Exports of petrochemical products and gas condensate last year dropped by 8.29 and 3.28 percent respectively compared to the previous year.

The last year’s exports of non-oil goods to such destinations as China, South Korea, Turkey and Iraq showed an upward trend.

The country’s non-oil exports to China, South Korea and Turkey in the last calendar year registered increases of 8.31, 52.25 and 22.88 percent respectively.

Statistics show that 32.750 billion dollars worth of intermediate goods were imported to the country last year constituting 60.31 percent of the country’s total imports.

Capital commodities worth 8.697 billion dollars accounted for 16.02 percent of the total imports in the year 1396.

In the 12 month period to March 20, some 54.302 billion dollars worth of various commodities were imported to the country, showing a surge of 24.31 percent compared to the corresponding period the previous year.

Auto parts and capital goods were the most important imported items.

The most important items exported by Iran last year included gas condensate worth 7.079 billion dollars, liquefied natural gas worth 2.495 billion dollars, liquefied propane worth 1.475 billion dollars, oil products except petrol worth 1.327 billion dollars and methanol worth 1.178 billion dollars.

The share of other products in the total exports stood at 24.703 billion dollars.

The major customers of Iranian goods last year were China with 9.065 billion dollars, the United Arab Emirates with 6.764 billion dollars, Iraq with 6.425 billion dollars, South Korea with 4.380 billion dollars and Turkey with 3.991 billion dollars.

The major exporters of commodities to Iran in the period under question were China with 13.216 billion dollars, the UAE with 10.067 billion dollars, South Korea with 3.717 billion dollars and Turkey with 3.193 billion dollars.