US is an unreliable international partner

Financial Tribune- Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Sunday the US has shown in unambiguous terms that it is not a trustworthy partner when it comes to respecting international treaties.

Zarif criticized the pattern of US threats to pull out of the historic 2015 Iran nuclear deal, adding that “the nuclear deal is being implemented, but this does not mean that all signatories are committed to it, he told BBC Arabic news, ISNA reported.

“The US has shown a long record of ditching international treaties,” he said, pointing to US pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement last year.

“While others are seeking a nuclear deal, the same as Iran’s deal, the US is sending a message that at best it would be committed to the deal until the end of its sitting president’s term,” the minister said in reference to the current efforts to strike a deal with North Korea to curb its nuclear program.