Iran eying transmission of electricity to Afghanistan, Pakistan

FNA- Deputy Executive Director of Iran Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission Company Davoud Manzour stressed the need for paving the ground for exporting the country’s electricity to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Given the fact that the neighboring countries, specially Afghanistan and Pakistan, need electricity, necessary measures should be adopted to link Iran’s power grid to them,” Manzour said on Saturday.

He noted that at present Iran is exporting 1,400MW of electricity to Iraq, adding that the country is expected to turn into a regional hub in power generation and supply.

In relevant remarks in January, Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Alireza Daemi said that Iran is mulling plans to boost power exchanges with the regional states, specially neighbors.

The energy ministry is planning to increase its electric power exchanges with regional countries, including Russia, Tajikistan and the Persian Gulf littoral states, Daemi said.

Iran is in pursuit of creating an electric power transmission network in the region, he added.

The Iranian energy ministry, based on its vision plan, is working toward turning the country into a strategic electric power hub, Daemi said.

“The current power grid network and the exchanges of electric power enable Iran to be connected to Georgia via Armenia’s power grid and to Slovenia and Europe via Turkey,” the deputy energy minister said.