Iran English language newspaper headlines on Thursday, 05-04-2018

Iran Daily

Iran, Russia, Turkey vow to work toward Syria peace
The presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey reiterated their commitment to work toward achieving a sustainable cease-fire between warring sides in Syria and bringing peace and stability to the war-torn country.

Russia accuses Britain, US over ‘grotesque’ spy poisoning
Russia on Wednesday accused British and US secret services of being behind the poisoning of a Russian former double agent as the world’s chemical weapons watchdog held a closed-door meeting on the incident at Moscow’s request.

Iran’s non-oil exports up 6.5%
Iran exported non-oil commodities valued at $47 billion in the year to March 20 showing a 6.5-percent growth compared to the figure for the preceding year which was $44.1 billion.

India to offer $3-4b development plan for giant Iran gas field
India is set to offer a $3-4 billion development plan for Farzad B gas field to Iran next week after Tehran reduced the scope of the project, two sources familiar with the matter said.

China to hit US soybeans, cars, planes as trade war looms
China unveiled plans Wednesday to hit major US exports worth $50 billion such as soybeans, cars and small airplanes with retaliatory tariffs in an escalating trade duel between the world’s two top economies.

France hit by second day of rail chaos as strike bites
Millions of French commuters suffered a second consecutive day of travel chaos on Wednesday as striking rail workers locked horns with President Emmanuel Macron’s government in a dispute over reforming the state-owned SNCF railways.

Rouhani: Iran-Russia strategic ties in line with improving security
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that strategic relations between Tehran and Moscow are in line with improving regional and international security and stability.

Daesh collapse means defeat of US policy in region
The Iranian defense chief said the defeat of the Daesh terrorist group is equal to the defeat of the US’s regional policy, and thus the collapse of the Takfiri outfit could be followed by a fresh wave of hostilities in the region fueled by extra-regional powers.

Iran reaffirms support for Palestinian resistance against Israeli crimes
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reaffirms Iran’s support for the Palestinian resistance against Israeli crimes following the regime’s recent killings in Gaza, saying Tehran plans to follow up on the issue at the UN and other international bodies.

Tehran Times

Iran warns of threats of nuclear deal violation for international security
Those who seek to kill the nuclear deal with Iran will be responsiblefor its negative consequences for the international order and security, Iran’sdefense minister warned on Wednesday.

Arab League calls for Security Council probe into Israel’s carnage in Gaza
The Arab League (AL) has condemned TelAviv’s “crimes against humanity” in Gaza, demanding that the United Nations andthe International Criminal Court (ICC) launch investigations into Israel’s recent
killings of unarmed Palestinian protesters.

Trump: Saudis need to pay if they want U.S. troops to stay in Syria
The United States President Donald Trump has said that the House of Saud regime might have to pay if it wants continuingU.S. presence in Syria.

‘Disintegrating Syria part of Zionist plan to remove strong Arab states’
Author and political analys tMichael Springmann says the United States, underthe influence of the Zionist regime, seeks todisintegrate Syria and to work towards a “Greater Kurdistan”.

Bachukheh competition held in Esfarayen
The Bachukheh wrestling competition held in Esfarayen in Iran’s North Khorasan province on Tuesday.

Tripartite summit
President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday highlighted the importance ofthe Astana talks in resolving the long-running conflict in Syria,saying there’s no military, foreign imposed solution for the crisis.

Al-Jazeera: U.S. attempts at regime change in Iran are doomed to failure
By choosing Mike Pompeo as his new secretary of state and John Bolton as national security adviser, U.S. President Donald Trump hasformed a hawkish anti-Iran team, indicating that he is planning to bypass diplomacy, scrapthe Iran nuclear deal and possibly resort toregime change or military action.

Iran, Russia to continue fighting terrorism: Hatami
Brigadier General Amir Hatami, the Iranian defense minister, saidon Tuesday that Iran and Russia will continue cooperationin fighting terrorism in Syria by the time it is eradicated.