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Ahed Tamimi lawyer accuses Israeli interrogator of sexual harassment

Press TV – The lawyer of imprisoned 17-year-old Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi has accused her Israeli interrogator of sexual harassment.

According to the Middle East Monitor website on Wednesday, Gaby Lasky has filed a complaint with the Israeli general attorney pertaining to the inappropriate manner of Tamimi’s interrogation while emphasizing her status as a female minor.

Referring to leaked footage of Tamimi’s interrogation, Lasky stressed that the interrogator’s actions are a “gross violation of the law” which amount to sexual harassment.

He noted that one interrogator told Tamimi in Arabic that she had “eyes like an angel,” while making “creepy attempts at flirting” with her.

Lasky added that the fact that Tamimi’s interrogation was carried out without the presence of a female officer is also a breach of the law.

In December, Tamimi became the latest face of Palestinian resistance when footage emerged of her slapping one and then another fully-armed Israeli officer in the face during a protest in her home village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah.

Israeli forces had earlier shot her cousin in the face. During a confrontation that reportedly erupted over that shooting, Tamimi, recognizable since young age by her blond curly hair as well as her courageous posture, slapped and kicked two Israeli forces while protesting.

Faced with embarrassment as that video went viral, Israelis decided to arrest Tamimi. They went on to take her into custody last month. According to some accounts, 20 Israeli army Jeeps arrived at Tamimi’s house before dawn to arrest her.

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