Normalizing ties with Israel unforgivable crime: Hamas

IRNA – Normalizing relations with the Occupying Regime of Israel is an Israeli-American plot against the Holy Quds and Palestinian refugees which aims at covering the Zionist regime’s unforgivable crimes, said crimes Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

Hamas, in a statement, emphasizing on countering the normalization of ties with Tel Aviv, it urged the Islamic World to accompany them in the path.

The anti-occupation resistance group added that Palestinians will never forgive the people who normalize ties with the Zionist regime, according to the Palestinian Information Center (PIC).

Hamas added that the normalization of ties with the Zionist regime aims at misleading the public opinion of the Islamic world.

Normalization of ties in any way is a step toward annihilation of Palestine and Judaization of the Holy Quds, which is against the existence of Palestine, it said.

The statement also urged the Muslim people to stay supportive to the honorable cause and to press the government that intend to normalize ties with the Zionists.