FM spox refutes France anti-Iran allegations

IRNA – The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman rejected France’s anti-Iran allegations about shippling weapons to Yemen.

Such a claim is false, and its repetition by some regional and transnational states will make no change in the determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran to enlighten the world’s public opinion about one of the most horrific human calamities, the war crimes of contemporary history and the oppression of the defenseless Yemeni people, Bahram Qasemi said.

Naturally countries exporting arms to Saudi Arabia view continuous attacks by Saudi fighter jets on Yemen’s defenseless people as acts of self-defense, since the Yemeni war, killing Yemeni people and the destruction of its infrastructures have brought huge profits to the arms exporting countries, he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Qasemi urged people of these countries to know that their governments have supplied Saudi Arabia with the most advanced weapons to attack Yemen, and they have to take the responsibility for the worst humanitarian catastrophe of contemporary history and daily war crimes against the people of Yemen.

He also called on some French government officials to study the teachings of contemporary and past French thinkers and intellectuals.

He urged them to think about the concept of humanity and equality and the rights of human beings of any color, race and nationality instead of considering arms sales to the aggressor a criterion.

Supplying aggressors with arms and playing blame game will have no results, he said adding that the world consciences will be the ultimate witnesses and judges.