Huge crowd rallies in Sana’a to mark anniversary of Saudi aggression

Press TV- Yemenis have taken to the streets of the capital Sana’a to mark the third anniversary of the Saudi aggression against the impoverished country that has claimed the lives of thousands of civilians.

Large crowds of Yemenis from across the country flocked to al-Sabin square in Sana’a on Monday to take part in the protest to condemn the Saudi war.

The protesters carried Yemeni flags and photos of the victims of the Saudi military campaign, according to the Arabic-language al-Masirah television network.

They also held banners denouncing Riyadh’s airstrikes and calling for resistance against the military aggression.

About 14,000 people have been killed since the Saudi military campaign began against Yemen on March 26, 2015. Much of the Arabian Peninsula country’s infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and factories, has been reduced to rubble due to the war.

The United Nations says a record 22.2 million people are in need of food aid, including 8.4 million threatened by severe hunger. A high-ranking UN aid official recently warned against the “catastrophic” living conditions in Yemen, stating that there was a growing risk of famine and cholera there.