Fire contained in Iran’s northern jungle road

IRNA – Fire which started in Iran’s northern jungle road on Saturday was extinguished after about 30 hours, a local official announced.

Human factor had caused the fire in a village in Marzanabad, Vajihollah Mousavi, head of Mazandaran Natural Resources Department, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Increase in wind speed and temperature hindered the operation to tame the fire, but aid workers with the help of local people and fire helicopters could finally control it, he said.

Barar Village in Marzanabad, Mazandaran Province, is over 700 meters above the sea level and covered with oak and maple trees.

Earlier, crisis management department of Mazandaran Province had warned against the rise of temperature, and asked the new year tourists and local people not to set campfire in jungle.

Coincident with the Marzanabad incident, different parts of Iran’s northern Caspian Sea Province of Gilan have been burning since Saturday and the fire is feared to spread due to the warm winds hailing in the area.