Bahram Qassemi

Iran condemns Saudi FM’s fresh terror support allegations

Press TV- Iran strongly condemns hostile remarks by Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, who has accused the Islamic Republic of supporting “terrorism” while on a trip to the United States.

Speaking at the Brookings Institution research group in Washington on Thursday, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir had claimed, “Iran is the problem in the region, it is the source [of] terror and extremism.”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi reacted by saying, “Today, it is no secret to anyone, not even their (the Saudis’) American rulers, which country and which ideology is the most essential source and promoter, if we choose not to say the only source, of terrorism, insecurity, extremism, and instability in the region and the world.”

He highlighted Iran’s persisting efforts at “fighting the same barbaric terrorism, extremism, and violence, which some imposed on the region’s nations using petrodollars and US support.”

Jubeir, who is accompanying Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during the visit to the US, also said the crisis in Yemen could only be resolved through “political process.”

Qassemi said Jubeir is speaking of resorting to political solutions for regional crises, especially the one in Yemen, while he himself has negated all political initiatives aimed at resolving the regional crises over the past three-plus years.

“Mr. Jubeir does not speak with the oppressed and famine-stricken people of Yemen with any language other than that of bombs, fire, and violence,” the spokesman said.

More than 13,600 people have died since March 2015, when Saudi Arabia led its allies in an invasion of Yemen to restore the impoverished country’s Riyadh-allied regime.