Iran Qadir cruise missiles

U.S.-European division clouds effort to salvage Iran nuclear deal

The Wall Street Journal |Felicia Schwartz: A disagreement between Washington and Europe over a key Trump administration concern about the Iran nuclear agreement threatens to scuttle efforts to preserve the international accord, U.S. officials said, as talks continue on a supplemental agreement.

The State Department has been leading discussions with Germany, the U.K. and France since January, with a goal of agreeing on a side deal to address President Donald Trump’s three main concerns about the 2015 deal: Iran’s ballistic missiles, the eventual expiration of restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear program and limits on the authority of international inspectors.

U.S. and European officials involved in the talks said they have made significant progress on ballistic missiles and inspections, but they fundamentally disagree on the parts of the deal that are designed to lapse in what are known as sunset clauses.

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