Russian president congratulates Nowruz

IRNA – Russian President Vladimir Putin in a message has expressed congratulations over Nowruz, new year and advent of spring.

“This wonderful celebration came from the depths of time to become an integral part of the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage for many peoples of our country, and a symbol of spring renewal, purification and the beginning of new life,” Kremlin Palace website reported.

“It is gratifying that the ancient traditions of Nowruz are carefully passed on from generation to generation, so that today, just as centuries ago, cities and villages host mass celebrations, skillful craftspeople proudly show off their arts and crafts, and in every home national food is prepared to treat the guests.”

“Of course, this is also an occasion to think about our ancestors and help those who need our assistance and support,” read the message.

Nowruz is celebrated as the first day of the Persian year (March 21). The tradition which is originated from the ancient Iran is also celebrated in some other countries.

Officials of many countries together with ambassadors in Iran have expressed congratulation over the Iranian New Year.