Bahram Qassemi

Iran: French FM’s continued hostile remarks after Tehran meetings ditching hopes for fruitful talks with some western officials

FNA- The Iranian foreign ministry said the French top diplomat, Jean-Yves Le Drian’s adamant stance on Iran’s missile and regional power after he was briefed about Tehran’s policy during a recent visit to the Asian nation is a source of regret and display that talks with some Western statesmen might lead to nowhere.

Le Drian told reporters in Brussels on Monday that the European Union must discuss what he called as Iran’s “very questionable” role in Syria and Yemen. He said action needs to be taken to confront Iran’s regional role and missile power while keeping the 2015 nuclear accord safe.

In response, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi expressed deep regret over the French foreign minister’s antagonistic remarks, saying, “The French foreign minister’s comments over the missile issues are, unfortunately, a repetition of the improper words of the past.”

He said Tehran had come to be convinced that De Drian was sufficiently acquainted with Iran’s defense policies after his detailed talks with officials in Tehran.

“He was informed of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s positions on different global and regional issues in a completely straightforward manner during his recent visit to Tehran. His recent statements about the Islamic Republic of Iran are not comprehensible and to a large extent seem be odd and illogical after his visit to Tehran,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi told FNA on Monday.

He said repeating such blame-games after detailed talks in Tehran portrays a gloomy prospect for efficiency of talks with some state officials. “I advise the French friends to give more contemplation and preciseness to regional issues and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s outlook.”

The spokesman once again underscored that Iran would never negotiate its defense power or other issues that are tied to its domestic and national security affairs.

Qassemi had also last Wednesday expressed the hope that France would adopt a more realistic approach towards the regional issues after the recent visit by Le Drian to Tehran.

“We hope that after receiving Tehran’s straightforward responses, the French grow familiar with the realities in the Islamic Republic and the entire region and with ways of developing the moves which can be helpful in the campaign against terrorism, instability and insecurity in the region,” Qassemi told reporters in Tehran.

He added that during meetings with Le Drain, the Iranian officials have voiced concern about the US and certain European states’ supply of hi-tech weapons to the regional states and use of those weapons against the innocent Yemeni people and the instability and insecurity in the region that come as a result of their use.

“The negotiations were much straightforward and they were definitely constructive and I wish the French to grow able to express views about the regional issues more realistically and precisely and help other European states regulate their moves in future as a result of what they have heard and come to realize in Tehran,” Qassemi said.

Le Drian made an official visit to Iran earlier this month.