Iran inflation single digit for New Year: President Rouhani

IRNA – In the new Iranian year (will start on March 21), the inflation rate in Iran was single-digit, said President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday.

‘We saw a lot of positive movements and achieved good records,’ said President Rouhani.

He also said that Iran has had a 26 percent growth in agriculture, attained self-sufficiency in producing wheat, inaugurated six phases of South Pars Gas Field and reached or even surpassed the neighbors in using the field.

President Rouhani also added that Iran will no longer buy natural gas from other countries.

He also gave a short report about Iran’s import and export, and said, ‘When I referred to the detailed statistics, I got happy with some of them.’

President Rouhani added importing capital goods have risen 27 percent, and exporting petrochemical products decreased about one billion dollars, which was allotted to the Iranian industry, which is something desirable.

He happily announced that crude-selling of raw materials has also decreased.