1397 to be year of investment, economic growth, social justice

president.ir- Speaking after the last cabinet session of year 1396, president congratulated Nowruz to the great Iranian nation and the press in advance and wished a happy new year for everybody, saying: “With their ample taste, Iranians have chosen the best season and day as Nowruz celebration and the beginning of the new year, and on the other hand, Islam has emphasised good traditions, including Iranians’ great national feast”.

Stating that after Islam, Iranians have merged their national identity with religious identity, he said: “Brotherhood, friendship, respecting older ones, kindness, charity, making children happy and travel and tourism are among the good traditions that are in accordance with both the higher goals of Islam and the Iranian customs”.

“516 kilometre of new railroads and 700 kilometre of complementary railroads are a record in the history of the railways of our country,” he continued.

“In year 1397 good steps will be taken in solving environmental issues and in doing so, the transportation system will be renovated,” the President said.

Dr Rouhani also went on to say: “1397 will be year of investment, economic growth and social justice,” adding: “We have plans in this regard, which will the reported to the people”.

On the achievements in the field of foreign policy, the President said: “In this year, we are witnessing unparalleled success and achievements of the Iranian nation in the field of foreign policy when the greedy stood against the Iranian nation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and claimed that Iran has not lived up to its commitments and almost the entire world stood against their claims and explicitly announced that the main reference in this field is the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the agency confirmed Iran’s commitment to its obligations in all its reports”.

Dr Rouhani added: “No one accompanied them when they wanted to amateurishly take Iran’s case to the UN Security Council with a claim that Iranian people’s rights were not being respected. We saw the same conditions regarding Yemen and the announcement of Quds as the capital of the usurper Zionist Regime”.

The President said: “During this year, we are witnessing the defeat of ISIS terrorist group, and this is a great achievement for all humanity and I appreciate all those who have sacrificed themselves on this path, especially those who displayed passion and sacrifice”.

“We hope that next year we will see good moves in terms of stability and security, and we will see the principle of constructive interaction with the world, regardless of the wishes of the United States and all the enemies of the Iranian nation and a couple of small countries in the region,” Dr Rouhani said, emphasising that Iran will continue to work hard to strengthen regional stability and security.

Appreciating the support and guidance of the Supreme Leader, President Rouhani said: “The Supreme Leader has always provided us with advocacy and guidance, and we still need his guidance”.

Appreciating all public media for reflecting the reality, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also continued: “I appreciate all journalists, cameramen and photographers for standing on foot for hours to reflect the reality to the people and the world”.

He also went on to say: “Please, recognise people’s joy and happiness as you would recognise their criticism and protest and let’s not be hard on them”.

Stating that one cannot ignore people’s words by sending noises, he said: “Everybody must pay attention to people’s demands and criticism”.