Syria intercepts Ghouta-bound US, UK arms

Press TV – The Syrian army has intercepted a truckload of weapons, including American and British ones, heading to the militants holed up in Eastern Ghouta amid its operation to liberate the Damascus suburb.

Russia’s Sputnik news agency cited an intelligence source on Friday as reporting the development, and incorporated a video featuring the intercepted weapons laid out on the ground.

The Syrian army stopped the truck, acting on an intelligence tip-off.

“We organized an ambush, as a result of which a large truck carrying ammunition and weapons has been intercepted; some of the equipment is made in America. Also there were medicines and equipment for satellite communication there. All this was intended for militants in Ghouta,” the source said.

The footage featured smoke grenades bearing the inscription “Salisbury England.”

The successful operation, the source said, would deal yet another blow to the militants, who are on the back foot in the face of Syrian army advances.

According to the agency, the army had carried out a similar interception a few days earlier.

Multiple militant groups are controlling Eastern Ghouta, using the countryside to launch deadly attack against the capital.

Syrian armed forces, backed by the Russian air force, have been engaged in an operation to free the region.

During their advances, the Syrian forces have, on several occasions, uncovered workshops there used for making chemical weapons.

Civilians’ plight

Also on Friday, an AFP report showed how militants would gamble with civilian lives in Eastern Ghouta.

ay, an AFP report emerged showing how militants would gamble with civilian lives in Eastern Ghouta.

Syrian civilians, evacuated from militant-held areas in Eastern Ghouta queue at a school in the government-controlled Hush Nasri corridor, March 16, 2018, as they board a bus to be relocated to other areas. (Photo by AFP)

Syria and Russia have set up four humanitarian corridors, through which tens of thousands of civilians have in recent days fled to safe government-controlled areas.

Civilians fleeing through the Hush Nasri corridor described how militants would prevent their departure to use them as human shields.

One man said, “They fired at us, they did not want us to flee at all, they fired at the car wheels so that we could not flee.”