Zarif: Astana peace talks vital in quelling crisis in Syria

IRNA – Visiting Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said here on Friday that Astana peace talks has brought about great achievements for quelling crisis in this Arab country.

Addressing the new round of Syria peace talks, brokered by Iran, Russia, and Turkey, in the Kazakh capital, Astana, Zarif said the Syrian crisis has military, human and political dimensions.

‘Since the start of Syria peace talks in the past 14 months, the meetings have been held at the ministerial level,’ Zarif said, adding that the summit would be convened in the near future aimed at evaluating the achievements of the gatherings.

Thanks to Syrian military and its allies’ success in tackling Daesh terrorists and al-Nusra Front, Zarif said the important parts of Syrian soil were liberated from the grip of terrorists.

The Astana peace talks started in January 2017 with the mediation of Russia and Iran, two Syria’s allies, as well as Turkey.

The three countries are considered as the guarantor states for the peace process.