Minister: Iran ranks 2nd in world in ICT indice growth

FNA – Iran’s Communications Minister Azari Jahromi announced that the country stands 2nd in the world in improving Information and Communication Technology (ICT) indices.

“Based on a declaration by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Iran has in the past year had the best growth in ICT indices in Asia and stood 2nd in the world,” Jahromi said, addressing a forum in Tehran on Monday.

In relevant remarks in February, Iran’s Minister of Science Mansour Gholami announced that 42 ICT Parks and 190 development centers in these parks are active in the country at the moment.

He added that these parks have created 30,000 jobs, stressing that these numbers show that they are capable of bringing consistent economic developments in the country.

“Our exports of knowledge-based products from these parks have reached over 230 million dollars, and this shows the country’s swift movement in this field,” Gholami said.