MP urges Zarif to withstand US violation of JCPOA

MNA – Mohammadreza Sabbaghian, Iranian MP from Bafq Constituency, said on Sunday that Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif should stand up against what US and France are doing against the JCPOA.

“The foreign minister of our country must firmly withstand those who have violated the JCPOA,” said Mohammadreza Sabbaghian, Iranian MP from Bafq Constituency on Sunday.

The Iranian lawmaker made the remarks at the end of the open session of Iranian parliament on Sunday referring to US breaching of the nuclear agreement of July 14, 2015.

“Very recently French FM visited Tehran and discussed military issues with our officials. If they decide to break their promise about one of the articles of the JCPOA, we would, according to what the Leader said, set the agreement on fire,” reassured the Iranian legislator.

“If the other side decide to meddle in our defense and missile issues, we would firmly oppose and certainly the Iranian foreign ministry should review the brokered agreement,” said the Iranian MP.