Iran Khodro to export taxis to Nigeria

Financial Tribune- Iran’s largest automaker Iran Khodro is set to offer two of its locally manufactured sedan models, namely Samand and Peugeot 405, to join Nigeria’s taxi fleet.

Hassan Golchubian, IKCO’s exports director for the Middle East and Africa, believes that the automotive company can secure a significant share of the automotive market in developing countries like Nigeria.

Initially, 310 units of the two models will be exported to Nigeria, IKCO’s Press Office reported.

Earlier, the company announced that to gain a foothold in the international market, it has exported its first shipment of Dena+ cars to Senegal. IKCO’s locally designed LPG hybrid Dena+ sedan is to be used by the law enforcement forces in the West African state.

The company official noted that talks have been held between IKCO and Senegal’s public transportation managers in this regard.

“Samand and Dena are to be exported to the country and the vehicles will apparently be employed by taxi agencies of Senegal,” Golchubian said.

“Senegal is to operate as an export hub of IKCO. Vehicles manufactured in Iran are to be reexported to Ivory Coast and the Gambia from Senegal.”