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Shirazi cult’s UK links evident: Iran prosecutor

Hojatoleslam Mohammad Jafar Montazeri

Tasnim – There is substantial evidence that the so-called Shirazi cult, whose members stormed Iran’s embassy in London on Friday, operates under the auspices of Britain, Iran’s Prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri said.

“There are many clues that the Shirazi cult is under the aegis of Britain, as this country seeks to repeat what happened (in Iran) in the era of Constitutional Revolution,” Montazeri said at a television talk show on Saturday night, referring to the British interference in Iran amid a movement in the 1900s that led to the establishment of parliament.

Highlighting the indisputable link between the Shirazi cult and the UK, the Iranian prosecutor general decried the London Police’s handling of Friday’s attack on the Iranian embassy, saying the police forces were only watching the trespassers and did not intervene even when the Iranian flag was taken down.

He further lashed out at the Shirazi cult for provoking rift and tension among Muslims, saying the cult’s insulting comments about Islamic sanctities prove that it is being operated by the enemies of Islam.

Montazeri also noted that leaders of the cult, based in the city of Qom, have been already given warnings to avoid improper and divisive measures, stressing that the Judiciary will take strong action against any cult or group trying to defy the law in Iran.

In a statement on Friday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry condemned the attack, during which four members of Shirazi cult, dressed in black, raided the Iranian embassy in London, climbed on to a first-floor balcony of the building, took down the Iranian flag, and waved flags of their radical cult in an apparent protest against the Islamic Republic.

The Foreign Ministry also summoned Britain’s Ambassador to Tehran Nicholas Hopton to express Tehran’s protest over the attack.

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