Parliamentary group calls for probing Iran embassy attack

 IRNA – Chairman of Iran-UK parliamentary friendship group urged Iranian Foreign Ministry on Sunday to follow up the case of the recent intrusion of Iran diplomatic mission in London.

Addressing Majlis (Parliament) public session, Mostafa Kavakebian slammed Friday’s attack on Iran embassy in the British capital.

‘London Police is said to have been aware of the accident in advance, providing opportunity for the intruders to hoist their flag on the balcony of the Iranian Embassy building,’ Kavakebian said.

The attackers stormed the compound of the Iranian Embassy on Friday night, hoisting their flag on the balcony of the building without facing any reaction on the part of the London police.

“The group attacking the Iranian Embassy in London represents an extremist Shia community. They have a sectarian interpretation of Shia and insist on insulting the grand Sunni leaders. The UK government, however, has an unwavering commitment to assure the inviolability of the Embassy,” Baeidinejad said earlier in a Twitter message.

In the wake of the last night attack on Iran Embassy in London, Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned British Envoy to Tehran Nicholas Hopton.

Meanwhile, a spokesman in Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that the United Kingdom will take seriously its duties based on Geneva Conventions.