Bahram Qassemi

Iran to UK: Don’t trade global security for economic interests

MNA – Iran’s FM spokesman, reacting to the recent visit of Saudi Crown Prince to London and their anti-Iran remarks, advised Britain not to trade global peace and security for transient economic interests.

“It is an interesting irony that British officials would make such remarks against Iran in meeting with Saudi authorities who have launched war on Yemen and caused a humanitarian catastrophe there, and have been for years the main source, promoter and supporter of extremism, terrorism and warmongering in the Middle East and the world,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said in a statement on Thursday.

He went on to add, “Britain and US’s political and arms support to Saudi Arabia is a threat against the security, peace and stability of the entire region.”

“Such concordance with Riyadh makes London’s complicity in formation, escalation and continuation of crises in West Asia region even more than it already is, and it will also make the path toward peace and cooperation among regional countries longer, costlier and more difficult,” he said.

“All countries in the world, including Britain, and the international community in general, are expected to take a responsible measure by pressuring Riyadh into stopping the war and bloodshed in Yemen and exporting their extremist and terrorist ideologies abroad,” Ghasemi concluded.