IRGC Cmdr: Developing Iran’s defensive power ‘unstoppable’

IRNA – Increasing Iran’s defensive power is ‘unstoppable’, said an Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) commander on Wednesday.

Addressing a local gathering, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Deputy Commander Hossein Salami said other countries and the belligerent governments should accept the emergence of Iran as a state that enjoys ‘both logic and deterrence power’ simultaneously.

He added that Iran’s defense power is ‘neither negotiable nor stoppable’.

Back in February 2018, Commander Salami had said Iran will never negotiate its missile capability with any world power.

‘Missile is not an issue which may be negotiated with any world power,’ he said, adding that ‘the July 2015 nuclear deal has no relation with our missile capability. Iran acts more independently than any other powers in line with strengthening its defense capability.’