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Iran to file complaint over US violation of JCPOA: Envoy


IRNA – Tehran is to file complaint over the US violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran envoy to the UK Hamid Baeidinejad said in a interview with Japanese media ‘Kyodo News’.

‘The US is regularly violating the nuclear deal and this is a source of concern for Iran. Therefore, we will raise this issue in Vienna,’ Baeidinejad was quoted by Kyodo News agency as saying.

“Tehran has recently accused the European countries of taking a hypocritical stance regarding the deal and appeasing US President Donald Trump,” Kyodo reported.

“Iran specifically believes that Washington is scaring European traders about the consequences of working with Iranian companies and it is necessary for the European Union to resolve the matter for the sake of the deal,” the Japanese media continued.

‘All we have agreed is that nuclear deal has no link to the other issues,’ Baeidinejad said.

‘The agenda of the Berlin meeting is not to prepare for another negotiation over Iran’s missile or regional issues. We have been assured that Britain’s position in the Berlin meeting will be to convince the US to keep adhering to the deal,’ Iranian envoy was quoted as saying.

‘Britain has declared to us that they will have a very frank dialogue with the US and they will expect Trump’s administration to adhere to its commitment in nuclear deal,’ he added.

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