4 Asiatic cheetahs spotted in Touran Biosphere Reserve

MNA – Four Asiatic cheetahs were sighted in Touran Biosphere Reserve in Shahroud, Semnan Province, on Monday morning, a senior environmental official told MNA.

Speaking to Mehr News correspondent, Abbas-Ali Damangir, the head of the provincial office of the Department of Environment said the four Asiatic Cheetahs have been spotted and captured on camera, adding “the rangers first spotted three cheetah cubs, and then their mother appeared a few minutes after, in a state that suggested she was returning from hunting.”

According to him, since March 2017, the Touran Biosphere Reserve has recorded 14 sightings of this endangered species, six times of which were direct sightings and eight times were camera captures.

31 Asiatic cheetahs have been spotted at the Touran Biosphere Reserve since last March, he added.