Tehran prosecutor: Open court hearings for those involved in Pasdaran sabotage

IRNA – Tehran’s Public and Revolution Courts Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi said on Sunday that the court hearings of those involved in Pasdaran unrests will be held open for people.

The dossiers of those people will be finalized very soon, he said.

These events have roots in previous clashes and unrests in front of Evin prison and Pasdaran Avenue, Dolatabadi said.

Interior ministry through cooperation with police and security forces dealt with rationality, but those people attributing themselves to a particular sect smashed public assets and create problems for people in Pasdaran Avenue, he said.

Police has finished its investigations, but those of the intelligence ministry are still underway, Dolatabadi said.

The February 19 riot in northern Tehran was subdued by the security forces after a few hours and the main instigators were arrested immediately.

The riot on Monday night in the Golestan Street in northern Tehran district of Pasdaran led to the death of five people, including three policemen and two Basij (voluntary) forces.

In addition to the five security forces, who were killed in separate car-ramming attacks and stabbing, 30 others were also injured in the protest.