Iran air defense system nightmare for enemies: Comdr

 IRNA – The Iranian air defense system Bavar-373, which has a higher quality than S-300, has turned into a nightmare for the enemies, said the commander of the Iranian Air Defense Force.

‘Memories such as 1953 coup against (former Iranian prime minister) Mosaddeq, Operation Tabas [Operation Eagle Claw], Iran Air Flight 655 [shot down by the US navy in the Persian Gulf], and killing Iranian people before the 1979 Islamic Revolution will be never forgotten,’ said Brigadier General Farzad Esmaeeli in a public show of the defense system in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran.

General Esmaeeli said that Iran will never forget recurrent assassinations that took place after the revolution and during the Iraqi imposed war against Iran in 1980-1988.

Te public show of Bavar-373 [Belief-373] was held in Ahvaz, a city that is close to the Iraqi border and was severely damaged in the Iran, Iraq war.