Less corruption seen among women in senior roles

MNA – Minister of Communications and Information Technology (ICT) Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi believes employing women in managerial positions reduces corruption and embezzlement.

Speaking in Tehran on Tuesday in a seminar dubbed “The Role of Communication and Information Technology in Empowering Women,” Azari Jahromi said that innovation and creativity are two main pillars of economic growth in the future, stressing the role that women can play in the newly emerged businesses.

Referring to the issue of gender in ICT-based businesses, the minister said “if we ignore women in these businesses, it means that we ignore 50 percent of the country’s capacity, while the use of Women’s capacity is a necessity in the country.”

Referring to women who have achieved many successes in ICT sector, Azari Jahromi said “the ICT-related businesses are a field for women in which they can both work while they perform their parental duties.”

“We need to remove barriers for women and restore their self-confidence, and we can use them in the economic sector,” said Minister of Communications and Information Technology (ICT), emphasizing that the role of women should be seen as an opportunity.

He said in line with Iran’s president’s election promises, they have taken employment of women in managerial position seriously in his ministry.

Azari Jahromi went on to stress that less corruption and embezzlement is seen among female managers.