Zarif in Belgrade for reviewing issues of mutual interests

February 27, The Iran Project – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who left Tehran for Serbia’s capital city of Belgrade on Monday (Feb. 26), arrived in Serbia to hold talks with senior Serbian officials on issues of mutual interest.

As the first stop of his Eastern Europe tour, at the head of a business and corporate delegation, Zarif held talks with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, counterpart vica Dačić, Premier Anna Bronabić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism, Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić, Parl. Speaker  Maja Gojkovic, and addressed to the Iranians living in Belgrade.

In a meantime, Iran and Serbia also held a joint conference on trade and investment opportunities in Serbia, attended by Zarif, three Serbian ministers, chairman of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and representatives from 70 large Serbian and Iranian companies.

During the meeting with Serbian President, Zarif handed him the official invitation of President Hassan Rouhani.

Serbian president underlined development of bilateral ties and expansion of cooperation on the regional issues with Iran, adding that “As president of Serbia, I should announce that we are ready for cooperation with Iran and development of bilateral ties in all fields.”

The Iranian FM also held talks with Dačić and the two sides conferred on expansion of bilateral ties in all economic, political, defense, technology and cultural spheres.

Zarif and Dačić attended a bilateral meeting and a joint press conference, during which the two sides conferred on issues of mutual interest.

“I’m glad to hear that a delegation of Iranian businessmen, who can expand the economic and commercial relations of the two countries, are accompanying you,” said Dačić.

Zarif ,for his part, welcomed the idea of abolishing visa regime for the two countries’ citizens stressing that if a direct flight is launched between the two countries, business ties and relations among the people of Iran and Serbia will increase dramatically.

Zarif and PM Bronabić held a bilateral meeting on Tuesday and expressed their resolute will to broaden bilateral ties.

The issue of Kosovo, cooperation between the two countries in the international community, strengthening economic and cultural relations, as well as preparations for expanding parliamentary, military, scientific, cultural, academic exchanges, agriculture, and advanced technologies were among the key issues for the talks between Iranian FM and Serbian PM.

In the meeting with Rasim Ljajić, the two sides discussed the various dimensions of trade and economic relations between the two countries, as well as barriers to the expansion of the relations between them and ways to remove them.

Energy sector, banking co-operation, consular cooperation, and tourism were among the issues discussed during the meeting.

In a meantime, developing bilateral relations in all areas was the main issue discussed by the Iranian FM, and Serbian Parliament Speaker.

During the meeting, Ms. Gyukovich welcomed the development of relations between Iran and Serbia, and voiced the determination of the Serbian parliament for this cause.

Addressing the Iranians living in Belgrade, Iran’s foreign minister stated that Iranians from every religion and ethnicity, love Iran from the bottom of their hearts and are ready to sacrifice their lives for it.

He stressed that Iranians living abroad should feel at home when they go to Iran’s embassies across the world.

The Iranian top diplomat will then depart for Bulgaria, Croatia and Bosnia as other legs of his Eastern European tour.