US anti-Iran UNSC failure, sign of Tehran’s authority: Deputy FM

IRNA – The US has repeatedly tried to take Iran to the UNSC and has failed every time, which is proof of Iran’s authority and US’ isolation, said deputy foreign minister on Tuesday.

‘The hostile aspect of the resolution was easily seen in the report of the Yemen sanctions committee,’ said Abbas Araqchi at a conference on water diplomacy.

The UK proposed an anti-Iranian resolution accusing Iran of sending weapons to Saudi-raided Yemen, but Russia vetoed the resolution.

‘The sanctions committee of the UN announced their view before making a visit to Iran to hear us, which showed the leverage of the others in the report,’ said Araqchi.

He said the unilateral report which had mentioned Iran failed to be passed, which was a recurring failure of the US government.

Saying that the US has tried to use the Iranian missile program, riots in Iran, and Yemen crisis for taking Iran to the UNSC, Araqchi added, ‘We will definitely continue our policies in the region in a way that they provide the national interests of our country.’