Velayati dismisses rumors on Iraq’s mediation between Iran, US

MNA – Leader’s Senior Advisor Ali-Akbar Velayati dismissed rumors on Iraq’s meditating role on Iran-US ties, stressing that there have never been any talks on the issue.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with a group of prominent Iraqi tribal figures in Tehran, Ali-Akbar Velayati said that the meeting focused on talks about Iran’s aid and support to the Iraqi nation and government in combating terrorism and preventing the partitioning of the Arab country.

“The Americans’ plot to fabricate disputes between Iran and Iraq will not yield any results,” he stressed.

“The Islamic Republic knows that the US seeks to covertly spread the reach of its influence in Iraq, which is strongly opposed by the Iraqi nation and government,” Velayati said.

“Naturally, cooperation between Iran and Iraq on regional policies will continue to increase,” he added.