Iran indigenizes, industrializes aircraft hydraulic systems

FNA – Iranian experts managed to develop and mass-produce hydraulic systems for different aircraft based on international standards.

Reza Adibi, one of the Iranian researchers working on the project, said on Sunday that the plan, ‘Filtration And Hydraulic Circuit Control System Based on Aviation Standards’ can meet a major part of the aircraft needs.

“During our studies, we succeeded in developing aircraft hydraulic systems and indigenize this technology,” he added.

Adibi also said that the Iranian experts have developed different types of testers to fix and maintain airplane parts.

Iran has earlier announced plans to manufacture three domestically-designed passenger planes by 2026.

A senior aviation official announced in 2015 that Iran is planning to manufacture 70-seated passenger planes in the near future.

“We have designed a home-made passenger plane with the capacity for 70 passengers which will be manufactured in the near future,” Managing Director of Iran’s Aircraft Manufacturing Industries Company Mohammad Ali Sirati said.

Also in the same year, Managing-Director of the Iranian Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) Manouchehr Manteqi said that his organization planned to manufacture 8-seater passenger planes.

“We will build planes with the capacity of eight passengers in the near future in addition to the present two-, four- and six-seater planes,” Manteqi said.