Europeans interested in cooperation with Iran: Senior official

IRNA – Europeans are interested in continuing economic cooperation with Iran, CEO of Iran’s national airline said on Friday.

Managing Director of Iran Air (Homa) Farzaneh Sharafbafi said all participants of the Euromoney Iran Conference 2018 which was held in Paris recently, were in agreement that the US President Donald Trump’s decisions and threats do not effect Iran and Europe cooperation.

‘The participants believed that the US withdrawal from the JCPOA (nuclear deal, also known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) should not necessarily result in Europeans’ withdrawal,’ the official added.

He said the above-mentioned fact shows that the Europeans support the JCPOA and are willing to cooperate with Iran.

According to the Euromoney website, Euromoney Iran Conference 2018 highlighted success in the banking sector so far, the international correspondent banking relationships achieved and the cross border trade finance which is on-going.

The Euromoney Iran conference showcased the vast investment opportunities which Iran offers in capital markets, oil and gas, aviation, automotive, tourism and insurance.