Envoy: Iran continues efforts to improve Baghdad-Erbil ties

FNA – Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi underlined his country’s efforts to improve relations between Baghdad and Erbil after the September independence referendum in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is the friend of the entire Iraqi nation, including the Kurds, Arabs, Shiites and Sunnis,” Masjedi said after holding a meeting with Mola Bakhtiyar, a senior figure with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih in Sulaymaniyeh on Saturday.

“We try to make the relations between the Iraqi Kurdistan region and Baghdad constructive and fruitful,” he added.

In relevant remarks last month, Masjedi underscored his country’s efforts to resolve problems between the government in Baghdad and the officials of the Iraqi Kurdistan region after the latter held an independence referendum.

“Despite the challenge that we experienced with the Kurds during the recent events in Kurdistan, our relations are highly serious, good and tight,” Masjedi said, addressing a conference in Tehran.

He referred to the September 25 independence referendum in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, and said that “Iran tries to help Baghdad-Erbil relations to resolve the problem” in a way that benefits both sides.

Masjedi stressed that Iran is Iraq’s second trade partners after China and enjoys good economic ties with Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdistan region.