Iran-Turkmenistan gas dispute ‘China’s trump card’

MNA – A senior energy expert Mohammad Aminrad said, “as People’s Republic of China increases gas import volume from Turkmenistan following the construction operation of its fourth gas pipeline, prolongation of gas dispute between Iran and Turkmenistan threatens Iran’s presence in gas market of this country significantly.”

With producing more than 10 trillion cubic meter gas in situ, Turkmenistan holds fourth largest gas reserves in the world, he said, adding, “given the above issue, export of gas is the major income source of this country.”

Most gas volume of Turkmenistan is exported to China, he stated and put the daily volume of gas exported to Iran until the past year at about 30 million cubic meters.

Currently, gas export from Turkmenistan to Iran has been ceased due to financial disputes since last year, Aminrad maintained.

Once construction operation of China’s fourth pipeline is completed, major gas produced by Turkmenistan will be provided to China, he said, adding, “under such circumstances, the chance of importing gas from Turkmenistan, which shares amphibious border with Iran, will be missed, so that Iran is advised to take logical strategy in this respect.”

To conclude his remarks, Aminrad once again called on officials at the Oil Ministry to adopt logical steps in order to settle disputes with Turkmenistan amicably in line with importing more gas volume from this country. Accordingly, increasing import volume of gas from Turkmenistan is certainly considered as a giant step in turning Iran into a major gas hub in the region, the issue of which should be put atop agenda of the Oil Ministry.”