Iran President: Huge turnout of people, response to US plots

IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani praised the huge turnout of people in the Islamic Revolution’s anniversary rallies across the country and described it a response to the US conspiracies.

People’s unprecedented participation ‘was a response to the new US conspiracies against our nation and the Zionists’ moves in the region,’ President Rouhani said to reporters on the sidelines of the nationwide ceremonies to celebrate the 39th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

Rouhani joined the millions of people in Azadi Street who, along with people in other parts of Iran, are marking the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The day of Imam Khomeini’s return to Iran from exile (Feb 1, 1979) marks the beginning of the Ten-Day Dawn in ceremonies which culminate with the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution on February 11, 1979.

Iranian people toppled the US-backed Pahlavi regime 39 years ago, ending 2,500 years of absolute monarchy in the country.