US angry at independent Iran: Iran’s envoy

IRNA – Iran’s independence is the underlying reason of enmity it faces from certain states, including the US, Iran’s envoy to Russia said.

Speaking in a live program of the Russian language news channel ‘Russia-24’ on Thursday evening, Iran’s Ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanaei said that Iran has always taken an independent policy in the region, but some countries, including the US, see the policy difficult to accept, so they try to pressure Iran.

Commenting on the US opposition to the nuclear deal which Washington along with the world major powers signed with Iran in 2015, he said that it is surprising that a country express dissatisfaction with a multilateral deal, which is endorsed by the UN Security Council.

Despite the support of all signatories, and several reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in verifying Iran’s commitment to the deal, the US government led by President Donald Trump has been trying to kill it.

Trump has recently warned that the US will withdraw from the deal if those parts of it that he calls ‘disastrous flaws’ would not be fixed.

Iran has said that it would not accept any renegotiating of the deal.

As to Syria, the ambassador said that in the country there are three different issues that need to be addressed: political reconciliation, fight on terrorism, and supporting the refugees.

He refered to the Syrian National Dialogue Congress as a step toward solving the political crisis in the country.

The meeting, supported by Russia, Turkey and Iran, was held on January 29-30 in Sochi, Russia, with the goal of resolving the seven-year-old Syrian crisis.

Referring to visits by Iran and Russia presidents to each other’s countries in 2017, the top diplomat also evaluated progress in Russia-Iran relations as satisfactory in the past year.

Sanaei emphasized the need to boost private sectors cooperation between the two countries, saying that Iran welcomes Russian investments in various economic spheres.