Supreme Leader: US worse than Daesh

IRNA – Iran’s Supreme Leader Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Thursday described the US government as ‘the most oppressive’ entity of the world that is even worse than Daesh.

The Leader made the remarks in a meeting with the Army Air Force commanders and staff on the National Air Force Day.

He said that ‘today the most oppressive and most merciless entity in the world is the US government. It’s even worse than the barbaric Daesh (the ISIS terrorist group).

The US created the ISIS, the US president mentioned that in his presidential campaigns. Besides creating it, the US also supported them; it is likely that the American groups, like the former Blackwater, have trained them on some of the barbaric and violent tactics, he said.

‘Backing the 70 years of oppression against the Palestinian, supporting the massacre and oppression on the people of Yemen are clear examples of the US’ tyranny,’ the Leader said.

‘The US was determined to eradicate the Resistance, but we didn’t allow it to reach its goal,’ he said, adding that it is proven to the world that the US wanted to do, but it couldn’t and we wanted to do and succeeded.