US govt could not use even one JCPOA paragraph against Iran

MNA – Reza Nasri, an international lawyer, said “US government under Trump has not even been able to benefit from only one paragraph of the nuclear deal, inked between Iran and six world’s major powers, for its alleged excuses against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Speaking on Tuesday in an interview with MNA correspondent, he reiterated, “US President Donald J. Trump in his remark in October, 2017, was forced to exert more pressure against the Islamic Republic of Iran instead of focusing on the text of JCPOA and raised some baseless remarks such as US Embassy Takeover in Iran in about 40 years ago, activities attributed to Iran around the world, etc.”

Nikki Haley US Envoy to the United Nations has also never even been able to use any of the paragraphs stipulated in JCPOA against Iran, so that all lobbies and Zionist Think-Thank chambers based in Washington have not thus far been able to take advantage of paragraphs of the nuclear deal, JCPOA, against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Member of Geneva Institute of International Studies went on to say that former US government under George W. Bush managed to invade Iraq according to the UN-drafted resolutions within the framework of rules and regulations, he observed.

To conclude his remarks, the international political analyst emphasized, “inability of US government over JCPOA draft under the pretext of pressurizing Iran shows that the nuclear deal has not been written expertly. As a matter of fact, current US government has resorted to many illogical measures in order to ditch Iran’s nuclear deal in the international level.”