Bahram Qassemi

Countries of region mindful of their interests: Iran’s spokesman

IRNA – The anti-Iran attempt by the Zionist regime in the region is not a new issue, the spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday, adding that the countries are cautious enough to preserve their interests.

The comments was made by Bahram Qasemi at his weekly briefing session in response to a question asked on the recent visit by the Zionist Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to Russia, and the regime’s moves in region.

‘The nature of our relations with Russia demands various channels for consultation,’ he said.

‘The recent visit by the Prime Minister of the occupying regime of Israel and its attempt in the region are not a new move, and the officials of the Zionist regime have always tried to trouble Iran’s relations with other countries, but the parties are aware of their interests,’ Qasemi said.