Haley dramatizing lies: Iranain ex-envoy

IRNA – The permanent representative of the US at the UN is a publicist trying to perform with lies, said former ambassador of Iran to Brazil.

‘Nikki Haley is doing so, because she is aiming to replace US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; however, Tillerson enjoys some kind of lobby at the Congress, and [the US President Donald] Trump cannot easily remove him,’ said Mansour Moazzami.

‘Americans are impudent, irrational, and lack discipline more than ever, and it is highly improbable that the US history has ever seen so impolite a president as Trump.’

Referring to Hailey’s irrationality and impulsiveness, Moazzami said, ‘Haley does what Trump’s wants, but it is improbable that she can create a consensus in a short time.’

Haley invited the representatives of the members of the UN Security Council to a banquet on Monday to put the alleged Iranian missile parts that Yemeni Ansarollah had targeted Saudi Arabia with it.