Iran-Pakistan friendship

Iran, Pakistan agree to enhance joint border patrolling

 IRNA – Iranian and Pakistani security officials have agreed to enhance joint patrolling at border to avoid outside interference, local media reported on Wednesday.

The consensus was reached during a regular border meeting between the delegations of Iran and Pakistan at Taftan border.

Pakistan’s side was headed by Chagai Deputy Commissioner Imran Ibrahim Bangulzai, while Mirjaveh District Administrator Ibrahim Jannati represented the Iranian side. Both the sides were flanked by government officials and security forces personnel.

Visitng Iranian side informed Pakistani hosts that the Zero Point Gate border check post at Taftan will reopen once fencing is complete.

It was agreed by the civil and paramilitary officials from both sides to enhance joint patrolling on Pak-Iran border to avoid any outside interference.

In the two-hour long meeting, border control measures – particularly curbing drugs and human trafficking – were discussed thoroughly.

Iranian officials also demanded handing over of the Iranian citizens suspected of committing criminal activities from Pakistan.